Does your team have the grit, commitment and culture to get your company to the level of success you dream of?

What you need is a shift in your culture - When you work with us to build a world-class employee experience, you'll have a team that is ready to take on new challenges, implement innovative ideas and dominate the marketplace like never before.

With the Illuminate Framework, you'll have new and improved on-boarding strategy, higher functioning communication across your organization, a healthier team with energy in their bones to accelerate your business and a way to continually monitor and improve performance of your team.


Maintain Momentum

Businesses don't last without stellar culture. We want to create a culture that is continually improving, year after year, month after month, win after win. Work with us to understand how to push through your boundaries.


Build Loyals

We live in a time where people don't stick with one career. In fact, Canadians can expect to hold 15 jobs throughout their career. This is detrimental to your company however, we have the way to retain your top talent.


Contagious Culture

Your team is your best form of marketing. Without wuestion. Let's create waves of satisfactino and incredible experiences within your company. This will build your reputation in a way money cannot buy.

What makes Illuminate so different?

When it comes to assessing the condition of workplace culture, many businesses are so close their company environment, that they can't see a clear picture of how things really are. The Illuminate Private Workshop Series works with companies to shed light on the truth behind the culture.

But we don't stop here. No way.

We live and breathe execution around here. And we don't let our clients get away with anything less either.


    What's Our Roadmap Forward?

    Our process is simple yet tackles complex business challenges in the area of culture and workplace environment.

    1. Where Are You Going? Only you know the right path forward for your business. We get very clear on this together so that the going forward we align culture with that. Simultaneously, we work towards a sync amongst leadership on your vision, finding discrepancies that could be leading to a costly and damaging future without clarity.
    2. Assess. We don't assume anything. Are employees happy? We can't be quite sure. Are employees working diligently throughout the day or do they tend to surf YouTube a bit too much? We likely don't know. Together we dive deep into the inner workings of your culture. From communication, to employee health, to gossip and productivity. We leave no stone unturned. Why? Because you need to know this. Most business leaders find it essential to "know their numbers" and have their financials in check. But why is culture any different.
    3. Take Action. 
    4. Test.
    5. Results.

    Our team is excited to work with you. Most people ignore their workplace culture issues. They say "it's impossible to change culture." Well we know that is absolutely not the truth and we are here to work with you to create a wave of transformation in your business.


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