What is the most effective survey tool?

Team leaders are in an exciting time for gathering data about their workforce. With so many options for data analytics, it can be difficult to decide which route to take. Here is our view on what works best.

Annual surveys are not enough.

If you have done them in the past, you can relate to the logistical nightmare related to sending out a long winded and exhaustive survey.

As a leader, a major annual survey is expensive and results in an information overload that is difficult to interpret and create meaningful action from.

As an employee, receiving a notification that it is time to complete the survey simply adds another task that in most cases ends up as a low priority item. This can result in rushing through questions, or not completing the survey at all. Every voice that is not heard is a missed opportunity to improve the performance of your team.

Enter: the pulse survey.

Think of it this way,

Annual surveys are like going to the gym once a month to try and achieve your health goals.

Pulse Surveys are like having a plan, getting a trainer, going multiple times a week and making slow but steady progress while improving on weaknesses and tracking your progress along the way.

Instead of being burdened once a year with a massive load of results that need to be slowly digested and interpreted, HR leaders and consultants can have regular snapshots of the health of their team and receive feedback that they can respond to immediately.

Why is this so good?

Leaders have more information about team drivers on a regular basis, and employees do not have to wait 365 days to have their voice heard. This fosters a trusting relationship between leaders and employees which is paramount to building a high performance team.

This is not to say that annual surveys do not have their place. Annual surveys are by design more thorough and robust, but as a result tend to miss the small details that pulse surveys are fantastic at picking up. 

There is no perfect solution, but the recent rise in pulse survey technology make them one of the most accessible and effective tools HR leaders can have under their belt. 

Stay tuned for more info about pulse surveys and how we are using them right now.