Get Unstuck.

We can't wait for you to see some progress.



Have you tried a few diets?  Hit the gym a few times? Tried crossfit? Went to yoga? But you're not really doing anything consistently at the moment? We are going to help you change all that. 

Exercise is simple, fun and essential. You think we are lying though, right? Well, challenge accepted! We laugh a lot around here and believe you should too.

Let's face it, you want to look good naked. PLUS eat Dairy Queen cake everyday. Well everyday might be too often, but we can help.

Skip the Fads.

We're into healthy for life!


Perhaps you want to be healthy for more than a month or a year. We definitely do. That 21 day challenge you just completed felt amazing, hey? But where are you now. We are in this with you... for the long haul... your health

You probably have 40-50 more years to crank out, a few mountains to climb, some countries to walk about, a few lakes to swim in, and some grandchildren to play with.  

Crazy schedule?

We'll Fit It In!


Oh so you have a life? Weird, we thought you might've been a boring hermit that had no friends, all the time in the world and just spent your whole day in the gym. 

We might be overly sarcastic but we are also real. And so are you. Fortunately, we both have one mutual goal... looking good, feeling great and improving our health. 

It will take a bit of sacrifice and time, but much less than you think. Key here is consistency and that is our main goal with MyPTHub. Let's do this!


So What's Included?


As much as we all want a magic pill to take that would make us ripped and beach ready, it doesn't exist! So we exercise. Because it works and it's amazing for you! 

We cater to you. We create together a fun and engaging routine, something that fits you and your schedule.



You're not in this alone... that's the point! Questions about your workouts, exercises, about what to eat, we have you covered.

Big bonus is that we are here to keep you on track. It's a tough love culture around here because we want you to succeed!



One of the most motivating things about making a change to our health is seeing progress. 

The app takes care of it all. You will see changes in your body weight, how strong you're getting, how much ground you've covered and what exercises you've crushed!