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Launching September 2016.


Want to lose weight? Eat better? Feel less stressed? Get more sleep?

The partnership of Precision Nutrition and Illuminate brings 15 years experience in helping thousands of people do all that and more.

And we’re confident we can help you, too.

We specialize in taking complex nutritional problems and breaking them down into simple, strategic daily practices—small practices that are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle.

Perhaps you're still wondering a few things, we've tried to answer your questions below!

What results can you expect to see from your ProCoach membership?

  • Greater confidence in how you look.
  • More energy.
  • A fresh perspective on healthy eating.
  • Better sleep.
  • A raised eyebrow from your doctor at your next visit.
  • Lifelong skills that allow you to manage your weight but enjoy life to the fullest.


And what do you get with your ProCoach membership includes:

  • A structured year-long nutrition program to help keep you consistent.
  • An expert coach to give you feedback, make adjustments to your program, and help keep you accountable.
  • Strategic daily nutrition practices that fit into your lifestyle.
  • Expertly-designed training programs, customized to your skill level, goals, and time available.
  • Access to an online community, share stories, struggles and have support when you need it most

If you follow our recommendations and stick with us for the full year then yes, you will get results.

But you have to commit to making small strategic changes in your life.

That’s something no one ever likes to admit about getting in better shape: it takes hard work, time, and determination.

Changing your body isn’t easy, but it is possible.

A manageable option for the busy professional and/or parent. We're in this together for a year and we both know this program is just what you're looking for. Let's make it happen.

We're happy to let you try out our program and begin exploring for a 14 day trial. Cancel anytime as your comfort is a priority for us. The ProCoach membership will kick in at the end of the trial.

You're in it to win it. Consistently,  the people most invested in themselves and their health see the best results. On top of that, we are giving you 2 months FREE! Excited to see you succeed.